How to make a regency bonnet

This is a tutorial for making a basic regency bonnet. If you like you can, of course, make the bonnet more or less fancy. tips: decorate it with flowers or feathers.

Start with a hat (this is made of straw). Its best if the hat is a bit stiff. Cut the hat in two, slightly over the middle. The biggest part is the actual bonnet.

So, over to the lining inside the bonnet!  Cut a square, I used withe cotton in this example. Sew a seam and gather the fabric at the middle.Spread the fabric out like a fan and attach it to the inside of the bonnet. Sew a band around the brim of the bonnet, so neither the fabric or the hat will fringe.

To make the "top" of the bonnet , you will need another square of fabric. With right sides of fabric together, sew it together at the side. Hem the fabric at the bottom and sew the fabric together at the top. 

Turn the fabric. Sew it on to the top of the bonnet. Attach the inside of the fabric to the hat with a couple of stitches . 

Attach a ribbon for some extra accessories. Cut two long pieces of the band and sew it on to the brim of the bonnet. Make a bow and attach

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Diary of a superhero girl

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Diary of a superhero girl

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