How to make a regency bonnet

This is a tutorial for making a basic regency bonnet. If you like you can, of course, make the bonnet more or less fancy. tips: decorate it with flowers or feathers. Start with a hat (this is made of straw). Its best if the hat is a bit stiff. Cut the hat in two, slightly over the middl...

Adventure Time bracelet

  My homemade decoupage Adventure Time bracelet. Its made from a comic I got at Free Free Comic Book day last year and a wooden bracelet

Moomin shoes

I like Moomin and I like shoes. What's better than making Moomin shoes? I got the idea for these shoes from the Star Trek shoes at Anomaly podcast [link] . It's actually quite easy and the technique used is called decoupage [link] .The comic I've used is Moominvalley Turns Jungle that I got at Fr...
Diary of a superhero girl

Diary of a superhero girl

3, Oslo

Jeg er bare en liten pike som prver finne min plass i verden. Jobber med tegneserier og en god dose nerdystuff. Er litt over gjennomsnittet interessert i Batman og pene kjoler. Liker lage ting.

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